‘Lend.Company’ delivers the resources for a lender and a borrower to transact comfortably – unobstructed. It tackles loans - personal, small business, auto and home.

Clearly a disrupter - it changes the way lending is done today.

Getting to know the borrower, asset (to be purchased) and the lender is always the toughest part. The LendCo engine accomplishes the ‘impossible’ in matter of minutes with ‘bots’ to assemble unbiased facts quickly.

LendCo easily extends into different geographies, currencies and regulations with minimum changes - hence suitable to diverse clients. Small, medium sized lenders find LendCo matching their needs.

For a start, Lend.Company assesses the borrower, facilitates the ending transaction and services the loan.


Invest into loans

High returns

No limits


LendCo Engine

Cloud based


Strictly regulated

Secure and safe


Screened / Known


Flexible terms

Quick to loans


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